Forced Marriage and Honour Based Violence Training

The training helps participants understand what is meant by Forced Marriage (FM) and Honour Based Violence (HBV). It demonstrates the links between FM, and HBV, including Female Genital Mutilation (FGM).

During the training participants will be able to recognize the myths and realities surrounding HBV and FM and have an understanding of the reason why FM and HBV occurs by considering issues of culture.

We will include a legal perspective by looking at relevant legislation such as the Forced Marriage Act (2007).

Most importantly, participants will be given advice and guidance on how to recognise, respond effectively and support vulnerable victims. This will involve looking at the importance of the ‘one chance rule’.

The training will help all staff to have an understanding of the issues involved and help reduce the risk of harm to victims. Desperate individuals who fear they may be forced to marry or are experiencing domestic violence may turn to agencies such Children’s Centre staff.

All training provided is very participative to encourage discussion and group work takes place throughout the day to make it both interesting and memorable.

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