Changing Futures Case Study

I came to The Changing Futures meetings feeling very unsure about myself and what I would like to do for my future. I was determined to find something, but I felt confused over which direction to take. After much discussion with the transformational coach and looking into several options, I showed interest in becoming a teaching assistant as this also fit conveniently with my personal life however, I had low self-confidence due to the years of abuse that I had experienced.

During one of my meetings I had discussed my options of volunteering at a local school however I really doubted that I would be accepted despite having all the required qualifications. Over some time, the transformational coach and I continued to discuss my options during my regular one to one meetings. During one meeting we decided I could draft an email to the school to see how I felt about it. Within a week of drafting this email I took the plunge and sent it. During our next one to one I expressed that I had felt disheartened that I had not heard back but I was reassured that it was early days and it could be that they do not require staff now, but they may do so in the future and it is nothing personal. This reassured me.

Within a day or so I was contacted by the school and they welcomed my offer to volunteer. I am now volunteering on a regular basis and I love my time there.

This demonstrates how the impact of domestic abuse can take its toll on self-confidence and how a little support and reassurance can slowly help build it up and result in achieving goals.

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