Fleeing honour-based violence

I met with PDVS at a women’s refuge after I had fled honour-based violence. I was studying at university, working, I had my own car, a pet dog and I was living independently but I had to leave all of this behind. I was being held captive, but I managed to flee.

After arriving at the refuge, I was distraught about having to leave everything behind, the only things I had with me were the clothes on my back. Due to the risk I was unable to return to the area I used to live, this meant I had lost contact with friends and family, I had lost my dog and the entire life I had built, this was a horrible experience and it felt like I had taken steps backwards.

After months of working on myself I engaged with The Changing Futures Project which allowed me to start counselling and offered me the support to build my life again. I am now currently living in my own flat and I have gone back to university to continue my studies.

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